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Program Overview

Project 13 is a program specifically for LGBTQ, queer, or questioning middle school youth ages 11-14 in the South Puget Sound. Through weekly program hours at Oasis Youth Center,  youth involved with this program will have a safe space to gather, learn, and connect with peers once a week during summer afternoons, and throughout the coming school year.  


During the school-year, Project 13 runs on an 8-week program cycle, in which youth will have the space and guidance to learn, explore, and discuss topics like self-identity, peer pressure, healthy relationships, and leadership. In the summer-time, Project 13 runs a shortened Summer Camp for 2 weeks.



Project 13 is open to youth who:

  • Are ages 11-14

  • Identify as queer (LGBTQ) or questioning

  • Are enrolled in middle school, or just graduated middle school in Spring 2016

  • Have parent/guardian approval (signed Parent/Guardian Consent Form)

  • Agree to follow Oasis’ Project 13 Community Standards

  • Have reliable transportation to Oasis


*Queer: We use the term queer as a positive social identity, and an inclusive, or umbrella term, for LGBTQ people.


Please call or email to set up a Project 13 intake meeting with our staff:  (253) 671-2838,

Oasis Youth Center

About Oasis Youth Center

About Oasis Youth Center:
Oasis Youth Center serves as a drop-in, support, and resource center for queer and questioning youth ages 11-24.  Programming for youth ages 14-24 includes Drop-In program hours on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings.  Project 13 serves middle school youth ages 11-14 on Wednesdays after-school.

Established in 1985, Oasis transforms the lives of queer youth by creating a safe place to learn, connect, and thrive.  Oasis envisions a world in which queer youth are valued in the community as strong, creative leaders.  

Oasis is committed to creating a safe, affirming space for LGBTQ youth to be proud of who they are with the encouragement they need to become healthy, productive and fully participating members of the community. Supported by a team of dozens of staff and volunteers, Oasis offers an amazing array of activities to more than 500 youth annually.

Oasis is a youth-adult partnership in which young people and adults come together for shared teaching, learning and action.  Oasis programming spans the prevention, advocacy, and leadership development continuum.

For more information, contact us at 253-671-2838, or visit our website at


Drop-in Program Details:

Time/Days: 4-10 PM on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays (Mondays for the Leadership Program)

Cost: Free

Grade: 9th Grade and up

Location: Oasis Youth Center

2215 Pacific Ave

Tacoma, WA 98402

To sign-up as a member: Contact Oasis staff at (253) 671-2838 or


Project 13 Middle School Program Details:

Time: Wednesday afternoons

Cost: Free

Grade: 6-8th grade (Youth entering 9th grade in Fall 2017 are eligible for summer session)

Dates: Summer session runs from July 24-August 2

Days: Monday - Wednesdays, 12-4PM


Oasis Youth Center

2215 Pacific Ave

Tacoma, WA 98402

To sign-up: Contact Project 13 staff at (253) 671-2838 or to set up an intake with youth and 1 supportive parent or guardian


For more information, call 253-671-2838

Program Details

Time Afternoon
Grade 6—8
Dates Jul 24—Aug 02
Days Mon, Tue, Wed
Location Oasis Youth Center (LGBTQ)
2215 Pacific Ave Tacoma, Wa
Tacoma, WA 98402
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